The future of WordPress: JSON API and Javascript

So taking a cue from Matt Mullenweg’s State of the Word address, I’ve decided to make it my New Year’s resolution to learn more about Javascript frameworks – specifically those methods and frameworks that help us connect to the new WordPress JSON API.

As manager of a large multisite installation that shares A LOT of content from one site to another, I’ve had to rely upon hacks and workarounds using switch_to_blog(), rss feeds, and other slow and resource intensive means.  But with the new API, WordPress is developing into a true application framework, which will enable developers to pull content and pipe it into whatever framework or application they want.  This will invariable rely heavily on Javascript.

So, my first task is a simple one. Build a plugin that pulls a list of posts from another site on the network via API calls and shortcodes.  Of course there are plugins that do this on a multisite installation using switch_to_blog, but none that I can find at the moment that utilize the API – which is way faster. Ideally this shortcode will accept arguments for post type, category, and a few different display options.